Our Torrance Vision Center Team


From left to right: Mei, Amanda, Dr. Huey, Dr. Au, Kailynn, Gail

Meet Our Doctors


Dr. Les Huey

Dr. Huey is a graduate of Southern California College of Optometry.  He has been a member of the American Optometric Association as well as the local Optometric Societies.  Dr. Huey specializes in contact lenses.  He is licensed to prescribe certain medications for the eyes and provides  co-management in LASIK surgery.

He has been providing Optometric care in the Torrance area since 1975.


Dr. Nathan Au

Dr. Au is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine in  1998.  He received his doctorate from the Southern California College of  Optometry as a member of the graduating class of 2002.  He completed a  residency at the Veterans Affair – Los Angeles Ambulatory Care Center in 2003.  There he specialized in managing ocular disease / pathology and  provided low vision care to the veterans.

Since 2003, he has been in practice in the South Bay region of Los  Angeles County.  Dr. Au is a board and glaucoma certified optometrist  who excels in diagnosing and treating various ocular diseases and  conditions of the eye.  Along with providing primary eye care exams, Dr.  Au does consultations for refractive surgeries (LASIK) and cataract  and/or lens exchange procedures.

During the summer of 2016, Dr. Au partnered up with Dr. Les Huey.  Together, they formed Torrance Vision Center.

Meet Our Staff


Gail - Office Manager

Gail has been associated with us for over 30 years.  She is a very capable manager and will handle any concerns you may have.  If you need help in selecting a style of glasses, her knowledgeable experience will find the most appealing one for you. 


Mei - Optician / Technician

Mei has been working with us for over 20 years.  She is thoroughly knowledgeable in all  aspects of the optical field and has extensive training in pre-exam testing.  She will be able to assist you with any special need or request you may have. 


Amanda - Receptionist / Technician

Amanda has joined our team in 2018.  Having been a patient herself (along with her entire family) of Torrance Vision Center for many years, Amanda is very familiar with the flow of our office.  She will be administering the pre-exam testing, performing our front desk/receptionist tasks, and helping you with finding the perfect fitting glasses for your face.  


Kailynn - Receptionist / Technician

Kailynn has been a part of our Torrance Vision Center since late 2018.  She is an enthusiastic young lady whose warm personality embodies a great  sense of energy and positive vibe to our practice.  She will be up front  greeting you, checking you in, performing some of the  preliminary testings, and will help you select the best looking glasses to  complement your face.  Kailynn has been a patient of Dr. Au's since she was in grade school.  She is currently in college and is also pursuing a future career in nursing.


Ysabella - Receptionist / Technician

Ysabella joined our Torrance Vision Center family on March 2019.  Her outgoing, bubbly personality has made her a wonderful addition to our practice.  Ysabella will be at the front of our office greeting you when you check in.  She will also be performing some of the preliminary entrance testing on you and assist you in selecting the best looking glasses frames to fit your face.  When Ysabella is not in our office, she is a part time student with nursing as a goal. She also serves as a lifeguard in her spare time.