Eye Care Services

  • Comprehensive Eye Exam
  • Contact Lens Fitting
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Various Ocular Disease and Patholgy
  • Co-Managment of LASIK and Cataract Surgery
  • Computerized Refraction
  • Video Biomicroscopy
  • Digital Retinal Photography 

Our Patients Are Like Family

We put service as highest in our line of priorities to our patients.  Starting from the grandparents and down to the little ones, we are proud to be the most trusted optometrists for the Torrance community.

Contact Lens Services

Basic Spherial Lenses


  • When your eyes require a correction to see its best potential, contact  lenses are often the choice when one prefers the all natural look.   

Specialty Contact Lenses


  • With today's technology in contact lenses, we are now able to help patients with high astigmatism.  For our more mature patients, we have  multifocal lenses that will help you see distance and near.  And lastly, color contact lenses are a fun choice for when you just want to change your eye color. 

Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses


  •  Rigid gas permeable lenses or "hard lenses" are still being fitted.  It is the lens of choice when we are trying to control myopic (near-sighted) progression in our young patients.  In some cases, it may  yield better vision in folks with higher than normal astigmatism. 

Medical Services

Eye Infections and Foreign Bodies


  • The doctors at Torrance Vision Center are fully licensed to diagnose and  treat various ocular diseases and pathology.  We often put cases of  "red eyes" due to infections or inflammation as a high priority.  Most patients are often seen and treated on same day visits.  We also have the tools and skills necessary to remove any foreign bodies that may have found its way onto the cornea or eye from the work site or from  everyday chores at home.

Retinal Screening and Monitoring


  • Many have said that the eyeballs are the windows to your soul.  This statement may apply to one's health in general.  Certain conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and various autoimmune diseases have  ocular manifestations.  A retinal screening is vital in monitoring these conditions.  In many cases, optometrists are often the doctors who are first in finding out these cases. 

Co-Management With Ophthalmology



  • Laser eye surgery, refractive eye surgery, or Laser-Assisted In Situ  Keratomileusis has been the most exciting and most talked about eye surgery for the past 20-25 years.  It has changed the lives of millions who were hindered by eye glasses and/or the intolerance of contact  lenses.  Dr. Au and Dr. Huey are excited to have worked with some of the top names in ophthalmology and corneal specialty for LASIK.  We provide  patients with detailed consultations to determine candidacy for LASIK or other alternative means.  We also provide pre- and post-operative care for our patients who do end up deciding on laser eye surgery. 

Cataract Surgery


  • A cataract is the clouding of the anatomical lens in our eyes.  It  normally forms as part of normal aging process.  Cataract surgery  involves a precise removal of that clouded lens and its replacement with a clear man-made intraocular lens.  In most cases, the patient's eye sight returns back to normal within hours to days.  Dr. Au and Dr. Huey have comanaged with various local ophthalmologists who specialize in this lens  exchange procedures.  Dr. Au and Dr. Huey will also help determine which intraocular lens choices (basic or multifocal lenses) are best for each particular patient in each unique cases.